Sunday, February 26, 2012

Poem- "My One Desire"

"My One Desire"

I want to love my Jesus more;
To follow Him in all His ways.
My heart His own always and only,
To live my life to bring Him praise.

I want to dwell beneath His wings;
To find my refuge in His arms,
My hope in Him through darkest trials,
And perfect peace through hell's alarms.

I want to know Him in His sorrow;
To cry His tears over the lost;
To bear the burdens He would give me;
To know His heart despite the cost.

I want to dance with joy unmeasured,
Heart set free, before His throne.
I want to sing His song forever;
Delight in Him, and Him alone.

So take me now, my precious Jesus.
Help me Savior, Lover, Friend.
It is enough that you are with me,
With me now until the end.