Saturday, May 4, 2013

Philippines- The Next Adventure

On January 1st, somewhere around 12:30 am, I stood outside with my friend Emily, reflecting on the last year and wondering what God had in store for the year ahead. Little did I know... That night I sat down at the computer to check my email briefly. As I skimmed the Ellerslie alumni email, something grabbed my attention- a missionary family in the Philippines who needed someone to homeschool their children. I can't really explain how, but even in that moment I knew deep within that that person was me.

I was brought face to face with the fear and lack of surrender in my heart. I wasn't even afraid of going so much as leaving- saying goodbye to everything and everyone I had ever known for much longer than ever before. I wanted to obey God's call, but as much as I hated to admit it, in my flesh I just didn't want Him to call me to that. (It was during that week that I wrote this poem.) I prayed, wrestled, surrendered, and after about a week, I was finally able to articulate what I had known from day 1- I think this going to happen. As I continued to pray and take steps forward, God gave me the peace that (to my shame) I hadn't even wanted at first.

That was January. Now it's May, and I'm leaving in less than 3 months! I will be a homeschool teacher for the Talbot family, who are missionaries in a remote, tribal area in the Philippines. I'll be teaching 4 of their 7 kids and staying for 6 (possibly 9) months. It's exciting and overwhelming all at the same time, but I know it's where God is leading me., and I know He will be faithful to provide and enable, just as He has through my whole life!

Points for Prayer:
-Wisdom for me as I'm preparing: that I would make good use of the time I have.
-That God would prepare my heart to love this family, and live through me to serve them well.
-Financial provision
-The many practical details that need to come together
-Peace through it all, and that God would enable me to depend on Him now more than ever before.
-For the Talbot family, as they are preparing to return to the Philippines at the end of this month after being in their native Canada.

Also, if after praying you feel that God might be leading you to support me in a practical way, you can do that here:  But either way, your prayers are greatly needed and deeply appreciated as I'm approaching this exciting new season!