Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Shepherd

Look at me.
I am but a little sheep.
Weak. Defenseless. Powerless.
Do you see these hoofs?
They are incapable of doing anything of value.
Do you see these legs?
They are completely unable to follow after the Shepherd.
Do you see this mouth?
It is only capable of a pathetic bleat.
Do you see these eyes?
They are so prone to wander and to dart about in fear.

Now forget about me.

Look at my Shepherd.
Strong. Powerful. Beautiful.
Do you see His hands?
They are quick to defend, mighty to work,
And the nail scars speak of resounding victory.
Do you see His legs?
They can go anywhere; climb any mountain standing in the way.
Do you see His mouth?
His very Word is power.
Do you see His eyes?
See how they look with love on my weakness.
Too great a love to allow me to remain that way.

Yes, look at my Shepherd.
Don't dwell on your inability; cling to His ability.
He has given all you need to follow Him.
To love Him, and to love others as He has loved you.
Look to Him and love Him on days of sunshine.
Hide under His shadow and be saved from any foe.
Move forward in His strength against the wolves.
Look at my Shepherd, and lose yourself in Him.


Anonymous said...

Lindy, This is a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing these words of truth. Love in Christ, Stacey Johnson

Rebecca Bentley Hall said...

Lindy, I am preaching on Psalm 23 on July 29 ... would you mind if I used this. I would credit your work with your name or as "a friend" ... you are so humble, but this is wonderful and I would love to use it and give you credit. You can e-mail me at I hope to see you next week at Esther!