Monday, February 11, 2013

Poem- "The Storm Within"

The accounts of Peter stepping out to walk on the water with Jesus and Jesus calming the storm have always spoken deeply to me. Not too long ago I was reflecting on them in a time of specific need, and this was the result.

"The Storm Within"

Your voice once calmed the waters,
You spoke peace to the sea.
Well Lord, I need you now,
For there's a storm inside of me.

I just can't fight these feelings,
My emotions won't be still,
And though I try and try,
My thoughts won't bend before Your will.

You're greater than my heart, Lord;
So faithful, strong, and true.
Speak, "Peace, be still," to calm my soul
And fix my eyes on You.

Or if You should call me
To step out into the storm,
I'll trust that, though on waves I walk,
You'll keep me standing firm.

No matter what surrounds me,
Whether storm or calm,
All I need is You beside,
My Love, my Strength, my Song.

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