Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7 Random Things

Normally (I hope) this will be a blog with purpose, but my dear friend Emma tagged me, and a bit of randomness never killed anyone, so here goes. :)

1) I do not like to drink coffee, but I think it smells wonderful. I am a hot tea kind of girl.
2) I love taking pictures! My camera is more or less an extension of my hand. Although certain friends of mine complain loudly, they will thank me when they're 40 and have something to show their children.
3) I believe that I'm allergic to nearly all things athletic. I do play tennis once a week, and although I'm not good at it, I have fun.
4) Fall is my favorite season by far. I dislike hot weather intensely.
5) I am very fond of stuffed animals, and my room is full of them. This includes over 100 beanie babies that I collected when I was little.
6) Embarrassing confession: over inflated balloons (especially in the hands of children) make me nervous.
7) Before I die, I would love to go to England.

The end! Laura, you're next!


Emma said...

OMG Lindy I can't believe you posted such a frivolous topic!!

Just kidding, I know I put you up to it. :) Love you!

Laura Katherine said...

Haha. oh, Emma. I will post mine soon!

Miss Kirsten said...

haha I can relate to most of these (especially being allergic to athletic stuff) ~ and #6 isn't too embarrassing; I think over-inflated balloons make most people nervous... but I think it's hysterical that you mentioned it! =D