Saturday, September 10, 2011


I have mentioned Ellerslie several times now, and I suppose it's time to fill you in. Ellerslie is a two month long program begun by Eric and Leslie Ludy. Rather than trying to summarize it myself, I will give you a quote from their website.

Ellerslie Training specializes in taking students deeper with God and providing an atmosphere in which a love for the Word of God, prayer and Biblical study can be cultivated. We are more of a spiritual-training retreat than a classical school environment. But though our primary goal is to help students go deeper with Christ, we are also very purposeful about giving students a strong Scriptural understanding and Biblical framework as they walk through this deepening process.

There are five major themes that we seek to develop in the hearts and minds of our students through the semester-long training:

  1. 1.A passionate love for the Word of God

  2. 2.A clear and intimate understanding of the Gospel life

  3. 3.The cultivation of a vibrant prayer life

  4. 4.An establishment of healthy, life-long spiritual behavior patterns

  5. 5.An intercessor’s mentality – being made strong in order to be poured out for the weak

This is what we specialize in at Ellerslie - stoking the fire of the human soul - acquainting Christians with the enormity of our God and His ability to bring about a very real triumph in the human soul.

At Ellerslie, our desire is not to talk about Christianity, but to live it.

I have followed the ministry of Eric and Leslie for a long time, so I heard about Ellerslie soon after it began a few years ago. I distinctly remember a strong impression that God would have me go. That dream never died, but I never thought of it except as something that might happen years down the road. As I mentioned before, God used a conversation in January with my mom to change all that. Now Ellerslie is not something in the distant future, or even what I will be doing later this year.

I will be there in less than a month.

It still seems surreal that I'm actually going, but as time goes on, the more real it becomes. When I think of all that must be done in such a short amount of time it is rather overwhelming, but if God has called me there, I know that He will enable me to get it all done. If you think about it, please pray for me as I prepare both spiritually and practically!


Emma said...

Very exciting! I'm so glad God has made His plans clear to you. It is a wonderful feeling to rest in the knowledge that you are going where you're supposed to be! Praying for you!

Laura Katherine said...

I am so excited for you, my friend! I can't to hear how God will use this in your life to grow your faith and understanding of who He is. You will soon have so many adventures to tell us about!!