Friday, June 21, 2013

Poem- "In Waiting"

God gave me this poem earlier this year in the midst of circumstances which pressed me to a level of surrender deeper than I had ever experienced before. In light of what several friends are going through, now seemed the time to post it. 

"In Waiting"

"Hope deferred makes sick the heart."
Perhaps the proverb's true,
But though hard pressed, I'll not be crushed
If my hope lies in You.

To wait still more seems much too cruel;
A burden I can't face,
But should this cup be mine to drink,
I know You'll give me grace.

The beauty of this dream can't be 
The prize to which I cling,
For only when You are my all
Can my heart freely sing.

It's through the waiting You refine
And shape my heart to be
A heart like Yours, and sanctify 
The dreams You've given me.

1 comment:

Aurora Emerson said...

Beautiful! Miss you so much...

Austin <3